Width detection size of the manual feed tray one of them is displayed. Lead edge black background width Lb: Paper feed 1 Multi manual paper feed a. OK Clears and shifts to the counter select menu. Flash ROM version up procedure. If they are not identical, reading cannot be performed. The display of change is kept until an interruption command is supplied by pressing the [BACK] key.

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Reset Account Resets all audit accounts or selectively resets individual accounts. Therefore, to perform “4. Disable Auto Power Shut-off Disables the auto power shut-off mode. Scanner exposure section 1 Resolution 2 Gradation 3 Laser unit specifications E.

Be careful to avoid this.

If not, a correct adjustment cannot be made. OFF Paper is discharged 527 No. External View And Internal Structure This means that this machine does not produce hazardous laser radiation. EVM Tray lift-up motor 6: Check that the polygon motor rotates normally. Others Ozone filter No.

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Sharp AR 5127 Supplies

The maintenance program is booted. Code Function Main Sub 1 1 Used to check the operation of the scanner unit and its control circuit. Image process section F. The relative distance for the height of the tray standby position in non-stapling is set.

Sharp AR Series Printer Operation Manual (Page 16 of 39)

For the SPF scan position auto adjustment, the mirror unit is shifted to 11mm before the SPF glass cover edge and is moved by self-boost, and images are scanned in each step, and the position from the glass cover edge is automatically detected.

Paper feed roller b. LUM3 3rd cassette lift-up motor 7: The staple operation motor operates only when there is no cartridge installed.

However, the FAX program version No. Concept of function q.

Do not put paper on the table. The send level to the line is the set value of soft SW.


Paper feed 1 Multi manual paper feed a. OGS Paper exit gate switching solenoid 8: Use an extreme care when servicing. Check Check, clean, replace or adjust according to necessity. The send level is 0. Press the keys displayed on LCD sequentially.

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Executable only when the finisher is installed. C After the single print, the copy conditions are not cleared and the adjustment value input screen appears. CPFC2 2nd cassette pick-up solenoid 3: The management table is also cleared initialized at the same time.

When the lamp does not light: The machine enters the download mode. OFF In case of the communication trouble, U is not displayed.