Standard warranty extension carry-in only. I have some colors spots all over the card. Select your printer from the list to update it. Is the power supply faulty? The driver must be installed prior to the first use of the printer and must be compatible with the operating system. Black panels to print text and varnish to protect the card are then applied to the card.

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Badgy solutions have a one-year warranty covering return to our tech support team for repairs. What is the print resolution of the printer? You can connect several Badgy printers at once, depending on the number of USB ports available on your computer.

Technical support

Do not switch off the printer Click Next twice to complete the installation. Support My Account Connection Partners access. No, the white margins min is 1.

Badgy printers use a printing ribbon supplied which consists of series of 5 panels: Is there an ink cartridge in the printer? In the event of a breakdown, log onto www. I can’t insert the cards.

The printer will automatically adjust the sensors. What types of Bar codes can be printed with the printer? My new ribbon is generating an error or is not running smoothly During packaging abdgy transport operations, the Badgy ribbon spindle may become detached from the main spindle see the photo below. The driver installation program will guide you through the whole installation process.


Open Install Personalize Print.


The Badgy Printer Manager is car communication tool for Windowsbetween your computer and your Badgy printer. Badgy is a quality card printer at an affordable price!

Right-click on the Printer Manager icon to display the following menu, then select Identification Card. R prints up to cards, single-sided only. In the “Use” section, click the “Select Software” option. How to install the print driver on a Badgy printer in a MACINTOSH environment Before installing a Badgh driver, the computer user must have administrator rights, otherwise it will not be possible to complete the installation. It gives you instant information about the status of your machine connected or not, actions required, etc.

Consumables for the Badgy card printer | Badgy

If the ribbon has been torn, please check the following: The USB port versions 1. Contact us about this product.

Frequently carf questions Answers to the most frequently asked questions – Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Badgy, Badgy, Badgy, Evolis Badge Studio, and Office Cards. The ink can be applied only once on each side of the card. Pick up and return warranty extension.


Can I use a generic ribbon? Right-click on the Printer Manager icon to get the menu panel see below and select Identification card. In the event of a breakdown, log onto www. What is the small icon at the bottom of my Windows screen for?

LED s of the control panel are on. A personalized membership card for the supporters of the Ducs d’Angers team. In the print manager, having changed the options to suit your purpose, click the “Presets” “Save as” menu and specify a name to save your settings.