Has anyone ever stolen a customer of yours? I like the test, but IMO for more accuracy the shafts need to be tested with the club. Personally I would love to see a test of these irons matched up against the real McCoy. Before posting this article I re-confirmed with 3 foundries that they do indeed make them for both markets still. Buy just the heads and then go to your local club maker and have them fit the clubs to you and your swing. Just ask yourself, have you ever had someone take credit for your hard work? But I think it would surprise most to know that only by 5.

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I hit the ball very low with a low draw for irons but fade a driver.

Clone-Knockoff Golf Clubs: What are they?

Heater F Compare to: I agree that most component companies copy other designs. Read further and you will find that the same factories involved are also producing Clone Clubs. As far as woods go, I stick with the name brands because there is a lot more to a tayloormade than just to bes like the other.

I now own a complete set of the GigaGolf forged cavity backs along with a set of Giga woods and play to a legit 7 handicap.

The vast majority of these foundries are in Asia, and yes these major brands are not manufacturing their own heads; they are clonee their heads from these Asian foundries. Used equipment from Wishon or KZG virtually have no resale value and offer a tremendous value. I have more confidence standing over my X-Hot and enjoy owning them without having to hide the label X-heat.

Last Drivers  D1550 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

The major portion of the price of the name brand clubs is due to the many different marketing and advertising costs. Posted January 13, With the Burner, our testers produced ball speeds that were between 2 and 6 MPH taylormaee than with the Heated. While on the subject of quality, a hugely important factor in the quality of a golf club is the shaft.

Great story… I would love to see this same thing done with a set of irons. Sign Up for Cloe Newsletter: The club features variable face thickness technology to ensure that balls contacted on the sweet spot launch long and straight, while mishits also work their way back towards the target without sacrificing distance.

Will replacing them with the new name brand technology make a significant improvement to their game? Within minutes a graphics designer at Yarn-Way had downloaded the logo from the TaylorMade shaft onto a computer screen and was making minor design and color alterations to it. It all depends on your swing. taaylormade

Can you point me in the right direction? I expected my game to improve.

TaylorMade Golf Club Clones

I hate the sound. However, really the Bottom Line is it is the consumer who is benefiting, because it gives youbets the consumer, the option to be able clpne buy quality golf equipment at big savings. Originally Posted by ZEUS as a beginner i played with clones because i couldn’t tell the difference between good and bad clubs. I worked in manufacturing for over 50 years and watched all kinds of products being manufactured from high quality aircraft bolts to electronic equipment to toys.


Why is this important?

Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand Golf Clubs – (ULTIMATE REVIEW!)

We buy only top quality heads. Some features of a driver, its head size, for instance, cannot cone protected, but others can. Personally I would love to see a test of these irons matched up against the real McCoy.

They just cannot afford it! A good golf club is a good golf club, no matter what name is stamped on it.

Shop by Golf Club Clone

Always has been and always will be. Lynn Mayhew 7 years ago. Bob Pegram 3 years ago. Fire Plus Driver, 3, 5 Compare to: I’m gearing toward these clones as my first real set of clubs.