If it is the same that I have now, is mine up to date? Because of this, I made a few changes, and I now have a x screen. At first, before doing any changes, I had sometimes a x resolutiin and sometimes a x, randomly, depending on the day. Contents Description Ubuntu 8. This solution helps to prevent system freezing, specially with OpenGL applications, games, screensavers, and Wine see Launchpad bug You are already running with OpenChrome driver though.

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This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. But I can’t enjoy Ubuntu like this. The issue for me is preparing for and installing Fedora using good practices is a whole nother ballgame.

This is a BETA driver! Originally Posted by Ztcoracat I am digging deep into graphics problems because I to have had graphics crashes and well For more information, please visit http: If it doesn’t work If the X Server does not start any more, that is, you have a black screen.

I’ve trying to configure my graphics card recently Via CN and it crashed. I believe I should get it from herebut should I get 0. Jerry my focus is fullscreen video while browsing, not exactly having a separated application but thank you very much for the suggestion.


You could try under or over clocking your card. See the Release Announcements Section. If not no problem at all, Linux Lite brought this old machine back to life so I really couldn’t ask for more.

For example, to get revisioncheck out from the subversion tree: Download your free copy of Linux Lite today. Login into safe mode by choosing option during boot. Well, I said too quick that It was forever.

I have just done a purge for linus driver, install it again, reconfigure xorg.

Via Cn700 Linux

If it isn’t up to date, how can I update it, even if it is for a nightly version? Last edited by Ztcoracat; at You will notice yours is Code: As soon as I get the the chance, probably tomorrow, I’ll mess around a bit with Openchrome driver the one I have installed, right?

Section “ServerLayout” Identifier “X. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. It should also work on Debian and other Debian-based distributions.


Use sudo to obtain administrative privilegesin order to edit, move or install system files.

openchrome(4): video driver for VIA Unichromes – Linux man page

After doing that, resolution was equal, but sceeensaver was awfully slow. Your approval is not needed. I’m having a video display issue, i.

Join our community today! He states that ” Digging deep into the details of a particular graphics card cm700 determining what type of memory a particular card uses is difficult” Most cards have MIB but you probably already know that- Triple buffering liunx more memory for 3D you can adjust the buffering mode used by 3D card through it’s properties sheet.

Last edited by markmb; at Its the changes that are causing the problems.

Originally Posted by Ztcoracat. It would also automatically check for any proprietary drivers available for the type of hardware you have.