EXE with the version that was installed into C: This PnP card uses a Media Vision chipset. On a , you need to keep one serial port for the mouse. I have tested examples of the latter two. The level of the speaker output in this case is comparable to the maximum line level of a more typical sound card. Charles recommends muting the speakers Fn-Backspace first, because if the microphone is enabled you’ll get feedback. The problem for this seems to come from the floppy disk driver.

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I tried following info on this site here: Without midi-support, see the note at Yamaha OPL-3, and no joystick support. EXE with the version that was installed into C: The time now is This problem is resolved by pressing the reset button.

The channels are not reversed. You can also read about my experiences setting up older Linux versions on the ThinkPad. Articles from our blog Brian J. BB code is On.

Cleaning those cruddy contacts didn’t help. I can’t tell who made this. The sound effects test in setup works fine, as does every other application. Old Aztech cards like this one can be unambiguously identified by comparing the FCC-ID printed on the board against the list at ftp: DN3D sound effects are crackly when the mixer rate is set to 44 kHz.


Maybe it’s a feature to avoid the old “stupid user set the volume to zero” problem. Note that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in. So unless you know how to fix that let me know! Sound cards that use two DMAs for full-duplex operation recording and playing at the same time will usually fall back to half-duplex mode if the two DMAs are set to the same value.

I tested two of these that came in the as-is EBay lot.

sound card not detected?

Often it will get wedged and cause driver failures after a warm reboot. Visit the following links: Sign in Get started.

It was a non-upgrade that screwed us up for years and from which we never completely recovered. Community There are so many ways to get involved in Crystal. I could not get Xrystal to work in Mpxplay.

Installing Crystal on Ubuntu 18.04

cryshal The problem is that PnP assigns DMA 3, but the module thinks that the only valid choices are 0 and 1. The YMF card arrived dirty and damaged with a hole punched clear through the top of one capacitor as part of an as-is wholesale lot from EBay.


If you manage to figure it out, let me know crystao, I have a recipe somewhere in my mail archives. Fortunately, most people now have PCI soundcards and never need to know most of these options. As a consequence, the compiler will automatically check for null references in compile time, helping prevent the dreadful billion-dollar mistake.

Basically, this means that you can write a Crystal-compiler in Crystal. Wageningen, the Netherlands Distribution: It looks to me as though you are trying to install a driver that doesn’t exist. For the most part, the installation went easily, although I did have to recompile the kernel to cryshal APM working. Just running sbiload with no options should initialize the sound correctly.