See ” Beep Codes ” for instructions on diagnosing the beep code. Although your computer has 4 card slot openings, it supports a maximum of 3 cards; the bottom slot cannot be used. If the computer starts normally, troubleshoot the last card removed from the computer for resource conflicts see “Resolving Software and Hardware Compatibilities” in your computer Owner’s Manual. On the desktop computer, a solid green light indicates a network connection. Performs a thorough check of devices. During normal operation, all of the diagnostic lights turn on and then turn off before the system starts. If the system does not start, plug the computer into a working electrical outlet.

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If the computer malfunctions, the color and sequence of the lights identify the problem. Plug the computer into a working electrical outlet.

Lists the most common symptoms encountered and allows you to select a test based on the symptom of the problem you are having. During normal operation, all of the diagnostic lights turn on and then turn off before the system starts.

Instead, perform an operating system shutdown. Displays your hardware configuration for the selected device. Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the monitor cannot display errors or problems.

We’ve added this siund to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet. What’s missing from the Dell consumer desktop lineup pictured above? If there are no power problems and the system does not start, contact Dell for technical assistance.


Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions located in the Product Information Guide. Keep the vent area clean and dust-free to ensure that the system is adequately ventilated. Power is on, and the computer is operating normally.

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If all of the diagnostic lights turn on then off and the system does not start, there may be a problem with the power supply or with the processor. Memory modules are detected, but a memory failure has occurred. It is recommended that you use Category 5 wiring and connectors for your network.

Run Express Test first to increase the possibility of tracing the problem quickly. Use the back USB connectors for devices that typically remain connected, such as printers and keyboards. Verify that the memory modules that you are installing are compatible with your computer see ” DDR2 Memory Overview “. On computers with a network connector card, use the connector on the card.

Performs a thorough check of devices. We recommend logging in before writing a review. If all four diagnostic lights stay on and the power button remains amber, a possible processor power or connection error has occurred. The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed. Then shut down your computer and try again. Press to turn on the computer. If you see a message stating that no diagnostics utility partition has been found, run the Dell Diagnostics from the ResourceCD.


The ResourceCD is optional and may not ship with your computer.

Dell Dimension

The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. This test typically takes 10 to 20 minutes suond requires no interaction on your part. Solid green power light and no beep code and no video during POST.

About Your Dell™ Dimension™ /E Computer: Dell Dimension /E Service Manual

The light might also be on when a device such as a CD player is operating. If you wait too long and the Windows logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop. Its not a gaming pc.

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