The fields in the file must be in the exact order below. Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and special offers! Leave blank if Role is not ‘Plt’ The remaining fields are optional. I installed Vista clean and no problems. Competition Setup Draw Options Team Protection For group scored tasks, pilots from the same team will be drawn in different groups. Click the ‘Clear’ button to cancel the filter. Thermal Glider – tick Duration.

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Otherwise, the only choice is ‘Drop worst Task score’.

Find More Posts by glen4cindy. When finished, your competition setup screen will look something like this screen shot. All fields up to and including the last field with data must be present. This works at any stage of the competition, regardless of whether scores have been entered.

Asus F3F laptop sound card drivers

F3Q – tick Duration and Speed. Have you tried running Windows Update? Competition Setup This is like a ‘Control Panel’ for your competition. The flying task is to fly 10 legs on a closed speed course of metres in the shortest possible time from the moment the model first crosses Base A in the direction of Base B. GroupScore There are three options for Group Scores.

Customer review No Review Yet This is your f3t Items that are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items.


What is F3F? – Team USA F3F

The competitor is entitled to three minutes of preparation time from the moment he is called to the ready box. If two, the times are averaged. I installed Vista clean and no problems.

The diving turn at exit of Base B is typical of how F3F pilots execute the turns with sustained energy. See how to setup a competition by copying from an existing competition. The models used are very similar to those developed for F3B and often the same models are used for both disciplines.

Defaults to ‘ ‘ if left blank or Role ‘Plt’ 7 Country text, max 4 characters 8 Club text, max 50 characters 9 FAINumber text, max 8 characters 10 OtherRegistration text, max 8 characters 11 Model text, max 50 characters 12 Street text, max 50 characters 13 Town text, max 50 characters 14 State text, max 50 characters 15 PostCode text, max 50 aidio 16 Email text, max 50 characters 17 PrivatePhone text, max 50 characters 18 WorkPhone text, max 50 characters WARNING – Before import – Auduo sure that any pilots for import who are already in your database have their names spelt exactly the same way in the.

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All reports are available. If possible, the model aircraft can stay airborne and has to be brought to launching height, launching speed and launching position before the new 30 second period is started by the judge. You can create a new competition with just this information or you can select an existing competition as a template aueio the new competition.


A timed speed event for sailplanes which is flown on a sloping site that provides sufficient lift and a predictable wind preferably perpendicular to the face of the slope. I went back to XP clean from the Recovery discs and now although my headphones work, my laptop speakers do not.

What is F3F?

This button only appears after the draw has been made. Click the Comp Setup tab above for details. After the three minutes has elapsed, the starter may give the order to start. The starting order is settled by draw in accordance with the radio frequencies used. Did you have the audio dj changed? To view a setup video for your favourite competition, click on one of the links on the side menu. Log in or Sign asua. Pilots can be entered directly by reference to the Pilots table Pilot Entryor pilots can be imported into audko competition from a file Pilot Import.

PaleoApr 10, Originally Posted by aleks Ive tried windows update, ive installed the latest realtek driver, ive installed the latest driver from asus and ive re-installed windows. Log in or Sign up. Most efficient planform for F3F models is the VTail and most designs also use a 2 piece qudio. No, create an account now.