I will put the HBA in another server. I got mislead by the initial “it’s running now”. I didn’t need a configure script, just “make” and “make install” sufficed. Interestingly, my personal search didn’t reveal any “storm of reports” that I’d expect if this would be a more general problem. I’m pretty sure that the old SP4 driver was not involved any longer. The New Baseline wizard will begin. Choose the Target hosts for remediation.

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I was thinking along the following lines: Review the baseline selections and press Finish when complete. Enter the Name and select the Baseline Type.

Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

It is possible that updates have been made to the lfpc version after this document was translated and published. The driver from SP4 is running fine. The remediation process will: Will the module still run afterwards? I’ve added that info to my report.

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Hi Bernd, Hi, the recent module from the Emulex webpage version 0: Support Knowledge Base Even SRs do not necessarily result in Bugzilla entries the latter are for the developer team to track issuesand even if your web form report is handled internally, you cannot reliably tell.


Download Patches from Repository The easiest way to obtain HPE patches is by downloading them from their online repository.

Select the newly added Source and click Download Now to download the patches. I’m pretty sure that the old SP4 driver was not involved any longer. Select the newly created Patch Baseline.

Check out this post for that process. But i didn’t believe that such a coincident is possible.

Hi Bernd, Hi Jens, thanks for the quick reply. Apply the pertinent patch. I only have the esxi hypervisor and vsphere client. Sun supported choices are as of Your registration case number is: I also expected that.

We now see that hpe-ilo is at 6. And following this guide http: I hope you can make a tutorial for it.

Select the pertinent Baseline to remediate. Not all HBAs vendors are covered. Hi Jens, i did it that way. Was this content helpful? HP drivers aside, hopefully, this gave you a good framework for the patch process as a whole.



Please provide additional feedback optional: Navigate to the Host Baselines tab and select New Baseline. Select the vCenter Server under Navigator. Errata Kernel Upgrade Support If a user has installed this lpfc package on llpfc supported Generally Available distribution kernel release, any errata kernel upgrades of that distribution release will be handled automatically. Review the settings and click Finish to start the remediation process.

Next, specify Maintenance Mode Options for the remediation.