Even MB is marginal, and I’d try for This is done to decouple the ram chips from the memory bus, so a module can have more chips the bus load will not increase if more ram chips are present. Your biggest bang for the buck will be to upgrade memory. You have to keep in mind too that often ECC memory is registered and your non-ECC memory probably not, so look for question ” Can I mix registered memory with “normal” unbuffered memory? Additionally, if you plan to buy MB modules, you might have no chance to find out if the ram chips are 32Mx4 or 16Mx8.

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Intel Desktop Board SEBX – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – iBX Overview – CNET

Intel lists another type in their newer chipsets datasheets: It will not cover problems specific to one board, but in general all boards based on the bx chipset support the same modules. But the manual states I need PC Dimms? Registered modules have additional registers, which delay all addressess transferred to the module by one cycle.

That’s already coppermine compatible, as non coppermine P3s i440bs out at mhz.

Not sure exactly what kind of budget you have to work with, but the chipset was pretty good for tualatin CPUs. If you’d want to upgrade, you’d have to replace motherboard also. It is quite astonishing to note that in an industry where technology changes in a blink of an eye, manufacturers such as Asus and ABit still churn out motherboards whose heart is the BX.


Because one chip has only a data width of 4 bits, all 16 chips are needed to form one ram bank. Finally, the unsupported Tualatin-core Pentium III could be used with an adapter and various modifications, with varying degrees of success.

The BIOS test is very basic and really not good as a test program. Buffered modules are similar, but instead of registers, they contain buffers, the difference is that a register is clocked, and a buffer is not.

I believe — though I haven’t tried it myself — that the Mhz PIII would probably work, though of course at only It is possible to have a one bank module i440bs 8 chips on each side of i440vx module as is the case if it is a MB module with chips organized as 32Mx4 and vice versa at least in theory, I’ve not seen a module with 2 banks and 8 chips on only one side – this would i440vx chips organized as yzMx16, which would be more expensive to produce without any advantages.

If there are one or more small chips on them apart from the ram chips, then it is a registered module. May 17, Posts: If i440bs happens, you’ll need one of those high-quality slockets, to change the reported-VID to something supported 1.

Depends what the customer is doing whether it makes a detestable difference. Put into your system. See also questions ” Do I need registered memory?


For a MB, 16 i44b0x 18 chip dimm to work, these values must be 2 and MB, respectively. This motherboard has a P3 above mhz. I might have to have an old-school sale.

Can a Mhz FSB PIII be used on an iBX motherboard? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Can you explain a bit more on those 16Mx8 etc. Originally posted by Master Burrfoot: Can that be used on this motherboard?

SDRAM has different types of density? May 28, Posts: Thu Mar 22, 7: Aug 10, Posts: If it is s, you can get a 1Ghz, FSB celeron for 12 bucks I picked a random place off i440hx net that I buy old junque from and a P3 for slightly more. I didn’t know that, how can I know wether a motherboard supports newer, high-density sticks or not?

Gigabyte GA-6BXU i440BX ATX Slot-1 SCSI

I don’t completely understand that. I don’t know what VRM and slocket are, but from what you guys say, this would imply a lot of unnecessary work, especially since the graphics card is IIRC a crappy, 2D onboard one. Utwig Ars Praefectus Tribus: Expect more of the type 3 and probably 4 to show up in the future for sale.

Apr 22, Posts: