The crackling quality is usually not a symptom. I just tested standby and hibernate shortly, it seems to work fine, after fixing a little bug see below. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. System Hanging on restart When I tried to reboot the laptop appeared not to be able to shutdown properly getting stuck some way through the shutdown process. I have exactly the same problem. This bug affects 1 person. Configuration of the track point for middle key scrolling changed due to all those changes in X.

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Intrepid Ibex Upgrade Success

As for the crackling, it’s possibly ibec pulseaudio issue; need more info. I waited a while then put it out of its misery with a touch of the power button and bought the machine back to life. Org drivers and Mesa 7. The 3G networking support in Ubuntu 8.

How to upgrade Ubuntu The only problem I had this time was that a package I had tried out before “mtop” was giving apt grief. A guick look at the Xorg. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I can shut down now, and with OSS it works in fact fine, but why is this the case? Last time this did not work for me. None Link to a FAQ. While there will be support for encrypted directories within a user’s home directory, it’s unfortunate that encrypted disk support within the graphical Ubiquity installer still isn’t planned for Ubuntu 8.


Nitrepid basic approach now is to do the occasional upgrade but then every now and then do a fresh install.

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What is even stranger is that when I logged into gnome again all my sound issues had been fixed there too. Alas this has not helped at all.

I made kdm the default display manager And the sound worked perfectly in that environment. See full activity log. Btw, also flash sound is still not working. Clicking on the activate button to enable the restricted driver has no effect what so ever.

So, that is only a partial workaround. Ubuntu compiz Edit question Assignee: Please file separate bugs for the two issues in this report. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. English Edit question Status: We’ll have more on Ubuntu 8.


Most worked just out of the box, including dual monitor setup, which was a real mess until now. Does the sound still work after removing kubuntu again? Hey, thanks for the help! Especially if a configuration is known to make glitches then. Occasionally the hard disk light will flash and you are left wondering if the process is finished, has hung or is still running.


Installing Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex) on a ThinkPad T43 – ThinkWiki

Intrepid shut down fine now. I would very thankful if you help me, please bear in mind that I’m new I have exactly the same problem. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. So I managed to fix the shuting down issue using the following taken from another post:.

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The ATI side especially will be interesting with open-source R 3D support shipping in Ubuntu Intrepid and the other recent work in xfvideo-ati and xfvideo-radeonhd.