The alternative is the much-faster USB port. You get really good results for everyday camera user who wants family, friend, pet and scenery photos. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Other options include magnified display, print ordering, and slide show display. Apple Mac Os 7.

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Kodak DC 215 1.0MP Digital Camera

Kodak’s desktop Mounter software makes the camera appear as just another disk drive on your desktop, on Windows systems. White Balance White Balance. Lower quality levels allow more images to fit on the card, by increasing the amount of image compression applied.

This focal length range is shifted toward the wide-angle end, a characteristic that made the ‘s predecessor the DC very popular with realtors. Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. This socket location is mandated by the location of the battery compartment, which occupies most of the bottom of the camera.

Kodak DC – Wikipedia

Accordingly, they adjust the exposure to produce this light level in the final image. The most common control settings flash mode, macro setting, and self-timer are made directly through external buttons. Zoomm Lever Located on the back of the camera at upper right, this lever rocks back and forth to control the optical zoom from wide angle to telephoto.

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In our tests, the DC’s lens is reasonably sharp at close and medium distances, but somewhat soft when photographing distant objects, as evidenced in our outdoor “real estate” test shot of the house.

To save battery power, slide-show mode will stop after 5 minutes if you’re not using an AC adapter. Nikon D D There’s an optical viewfinder that can be used outdoors or any time you don’t want to run the batteries down by using the LCD monitor.

Cameras’ exposure systems generally assume that the scene you’re photographing averages out to a neutral gray. The table below shows the number of images of each size that can be stored on kodsk 8MB memory card provided with the Millennium edition divide the number of images by two for the standard edition, to allow for the smaller included memory cardand the approximate level of JPEG compression used for each.

Press the purple “Do It” button to confirm your choice. These ranges in fact agreed fairly well with our own measurements, although we’re puzzled by the increased minimum-distance specification in telephoto mode.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Connection cords included and its easy to zoom pictures to computer for editing and sending to others. Frequently-used controls flash mode, self-timer, and macro setting are accessed via top-panel buttons, and controls specific to capture mode EV compensation and exposure zooom can be accessed with one or two presses of zoo right-arrow button under the LCD screen. The menu entry below this one provides for a 2x magnified playback on the LCD screen, allowing you to scroll the magnified “window” around the full image via the arrow keys.


On koodak DC, this adjustment is activated by pressing the right arrow button under the LCD window while in capture mode. Date and Time set: This is certainly enough for framing shots, but the LCD menu items could be a bit sharper. Pressing this button while the image is still being displayed prevents it from being saved to the memory card.

Low-light performance is fairly modest, suited for use in average residential or office interiors, but probably not for outdoor photography after dark. When the number reaches zero, the camera beeps and the green LED next to the dc2215 viewfinder flashes. I’d never guess that it’s only 1 megapixel. The alternative is the much-faster Zooom port. This compartment, which takes in 4 AA batteries, was made of plastic and broke easily.

Slide back and forth to select one of four major operating modes: Templates can be created on your computer with the provided software, and uploaded to your camera. The rear of the camera is where you find the usual things that define a digital camera: Raise your rc215 camera game with these useful accessories. Navigate with up and down buttons, then press “DO-IT” to make your choice.