Audio sometimes out of sync, most noticable on four horsemen. Arc, absent from the official bootleg, is solely from the dsm6 source. There’s an hour of blue screen at the end of this. PC Authored, Menu and Chapters Aside from that, the audio is outstanding. This version has the moderator speeches! I made a menu with true chapters and cut off the half an hour non Metallica stuff at the end!

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The DVD has full chapters, menus, and special features, and even a few easter eggs. Questionably explicit language cut, sticks and stones. At some Point there is a horizontal line visible, causing some mirror effects. Image quality is good. Some obstructions, but mostly a steady stage-shot show, with a great setlist. Nice clear center shot, from up high center.

At the beginning of the second chorus of ‘Hurt’, Trent Reznor was hit in the face by a thrown projectile a lighter. Last show of lateralus tour, very end of the show is cut seconds before Lateralus finishes. Sound is a little “buzzing” and it has analog noise, but anyway – it’s good.


The audio has some problems to it, but what the hell do you expect when it’s the outtakes and not the real deal. The “Silver Bullet” CD bootleg audio track was edited all over the place almost 7 minutes of audio missing!

Mudvayne – Wantagh – – 17min.

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Matt Turin joins on drums starting with Lucky Boy. If you think Earls Court or Antwerp were bad for hands and heads in the way, this show isn’t for you. Korn’s set from 1d6d show is also on the disc. This version seems to be from a digital source and it’s an upgrade to the above version.

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Multipass VBR, very high bitrtate too. This is pretty damn good, theres just a few flaws to point out. Sea of Sorrow was also cut. Most of this is shot of the screens. PC Authored, Menu and Chapters Arc, absent from the official bootleg, is solely from the dsm6 source. Steday camera, a bit dark, nice audio. Incomplete but this version is not censored by MTV. PC authored with no maic menu but with true chapters.


After the hit, he walked off stage, not to return. But ultimately, I can say that this is the best presentation of this show possible. DAT dubbed with adobe premiere.

National Anthem – Inside the Vote for Change Tour Documentary, and interviews that were shown during the set changes, were placed on the 116dd disc.

Source vid quality not the greatest despite supposed low gens.

Awesome show, awesome DVD. There are two audio sources on here, the audience one is terrible with very low volume and sounds scratchy, but the other one is livemetallica so we all know it’s awesome.

Video Source B was a lower shot, often shaky, and sometimes colors were overexposed. Menus, 2nd page of Liberty Lunch concert menu doesnt work, sorry. Video is a composite of handheld video taken from the stage to the side of the band and the professional stage and overhead cameras.