Check the serial port and sensor cable connections. The touch controllers supported with this release are as follows: When you want to select an item, lifting your finger off the sensor will cause a button down, short pause, and then a button up to occur. The Uninstall program also removes all MT 7 software entries from the system registry files. If you are using a pen stylus, repeat the linearization procedure with the pen.

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Exit the control panel.

Symptoms of this are a lack of touch or possibly erratic touch with USB microhouch controllers. Places an icon on the desktop that allows Note that some systems may not show a touch digitizer driver option.

User guide | 3Mâ„¢ MicroTouchâ„¢ Software MT 7 User Guide

If this is not a new installation, the chosen option reflects the driver you currently use. MT 7 Software includes drivers for applications running in different operating environments.

When touching the target, make sure you: Micfotouch of the possible messages include: Press L line to draw solid lines on the screen default setting.

This option controls certain advanced functions for your controller. Another important MT7 software feature is multi-display touch support which allows for multiple 3M touch-enabled displays to have simultaneous draw and touch functionality from one computer.


Pressing this button restores 3M Touch System factory-set system defaults. The distribution is an executable program. This position is calculated upon liftoff and when you remove your finger, the target should turn red. Contact Technical Support for more information. If additional tuning is necessary, use the Edge Adjustment Tab to enable greater ability to touch into corners and edges of the sensor.

The second method is to edit the var-file. An install script installs the package. Calibration Tool This mf enables you to calibrate your touch sensor without launching the control panel.

3M MicroTouch Software MT7 – 3M Touch Systems – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

If you use a different file, change the value of this symbol. Sensor Status Sensor Status refers to whether or not the sensor has been found and is operational.

Once you have calibrated the sensor, a dialog box kicrotouch appear to ask if you wish to test, accept or cancel this calibration. In the Sensor Frequency box, you will see a pull down list of several frequency options. Apply the cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth. In general, you will not need to adjust the Sensor Frequency. If you are using a pen stylus, be sure to perform the calibration procedure using the pen.

Last Drivers  SAMSUNG ML-1740 DRIVER

If your X input modules reside elsewhere, change the appropriate variable to the correct path. On some systems, you may need to run in single user mode run level 1 on some systems.


By default, the directories are: In the screen below, none of the touch screens or monitors has been linked. Hot plugging of USB touch controllers is not supported The Install script cannot find the udev or hotplug support files. Microtojch information on how to reach technical support in your area, refer to the 3M Touch Systems, Inc. Mice and other pointing devices”.

This mode is best for button-based applications like a calculator. Repeat these instructions for additional calibration targets. Test by touching several points on the sensor to make sure you are satisfied with the calibration results.