It’s a nice addition and gives you an extra piece of mind and seems to work well. However, I’ve had nothing but problems with the onboard sound driver under Windows XP. Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The immense room around the socket will please users of waterblocks, Swiftech’s and VapoChill units.

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So what of this new chipset? The problem exists under Windows too, but not to the same extent. Load of room around the socket is always a welcome bonus.

MSI K7T Pro2-RU KTA Motherboard Review | PC Perspective

On the motherboard itself is stamped the additional note Ver: Would it totally sweep me off my feet and carry me into a glorious world of high overclockability where DDR is the only way to go?

It was run at default clocks and display settings at 9 x just to check that k7t26 was working as far as the KTA AGP driver was concerned and the following score illustrates that perfectly. The floppy connector is also grouped here which kk7t266 where it should be to lessen the cable length required over a bottom edge placement. Pgo2 course, this board isn’t perfect, there are a few things I would have liked to have seen done like removing the AMR and dropping in an extra PCI slot.

As you can see, the numbers fall exactly in line with the 1. I didn’t install the extra Windows software component due to it being a review motherboard but rest assured the hardware side of things works well.


VIA KT266A Initial Roundup – October 2001

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Thumbs up to MSI and if they can sort out the small issues in a later revision, they can’t fail to succeed with this board. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The immense room around the socket will please users of waterblocks, Swiftech’s and VapoChill units.

Here are a list of sites: Firstly, the extra memory bandwidth prl2 by the KTA isn’t mightily impressive on this review sample.

Everything else is standard. The plastic is there to protect the motherboards trace lines from being damaged when a heatsink is installed. I always like to take a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU KT266A Motherboard Review

With the announcement of nVidia’s nForce msii, the mighty VIA looked like it was in quite a bit of troubleā€¦. Joined Jun Location catford south london Posts 8, A thermistor is present, but it’s a surface mount type, like a resistor and comes nowhere to touching the CPU.

Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. So how does the layout of the K7T Pro2 stack up?

Why is it that MSI cannot provide a CD with their motherboards, or ysb through their website that does not require having to use Windows Update for this specific added functionality? Introduction MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T Pro2. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. However, the little push rod to lever the card from the socket is flanked closely by a capacitor making it very hard to operate with your fingers, even for someone like me who has quite small hands.


MSI also had the foresight to stick down two clear pieces of plastic beneath each of the 2 center socket clips where you attach heatsinks. I could be wrong however.

Help Installing USB Controllers For MSI K7T Pro 2

However they ARE quicker and that’s what we are expecting. Three operating systems, Windows 98, Windows and Windows XP were installed without any problems. Having written this, I need to ask whether there is a reason on why I need USB 2 when the motherboard does not seem to support this option, as Labtech1 indicates? It’s easier to visualise this using a diagram, so take a pro22 peek at k7t626 following VIA provided layouts of the chipset.

A smart move on VIA’s part indeed. Under XP is fine.

This is never really the ideal situation and definitely not the best for a chipset which does quite warm during testing.