The sample rate is determined by the host application rather than by Live. If you have not used Live yet, please launch Live so that it can install its ReWire engine in your system. Both protocols work with the notion of a sync master , which delivers a sync signal that is tracked by the sync slave s. The programs in a ReWire connection play distinct roles: After you trigger playback, Live will wait until this bar is filled before starting.

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Note that you can adjust the Timecode format that is used for display in the Arrangement View: The programs in a ReWire connection play distinct roles: Live will not send sync or controller messages to the MIDI output.

External synchronization will be disabled synchronize to the ReWire master application instead.

Time signature and tempo will be determined by the settings in the ReWire master application. Go to the Options menu, and then access the Time Ruler Format sub-menu. ablton

Therefore, always start the ReWire master application first, and then start Live. Live supports the ReWire interface for connecting with another ReWire-compatible audio program running on the same computer.

While listening to the output from both, adjust the Sync Delay control until both sounds are in perfect sync. If you have not used Live yet, please launch Live so that it can install its ReWire engine in your system. When using Link, you can start and stop playback of each device or application independently of every other connected device or application. gewire


It is possible to sync start and stop commands across all connected apps that have Start Stop Sync enabled. However, as expected, running two audio-intensive programs on the same computer requires more resources than running a single program. Link is built into Live as well as a growing number of iOS applications, and any Link-enabled software can play in time rwire any other Link-enabled rewite simply by joining the same network.

When on, the toggle will update to show the number of other Link-enabled apps or instances of Live that are on the same network. Any Link-enabled apps or instances of Live can then change their tempo at any time and all others will follow.

Ableton Archive

Link Ablteon Showing Another Connection. Live can act as both a ReWire master and slave. Ableton Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a wired or wireless network. In most cases, Link will work without issues as soon as it is enabled and will provide reliable synchronization under all conditions.

Reason 3 and Live

This can be useful in compensating for delays incurred by the signal transmission. Tempo changes cannot be tracked. Using Link is not possible when Live is used as a ReWire slave. Changing the tempo at the sync master e. Click to toggle Link on or off. When Live is synced to an external MIDI device, it can accept song position pointers from this device, syncing it not only in terms of tempo but in terms of its position in the song.


You can then activate external sync either by switching on this button or by using the External Sync command in the Options menu.

Ableton Live and ReWire

No audio input will ableeton available to Live. Link-enabled software will remain in tempo as well as at the rewige position in relation to the global launch quantization of all participants. The step-by-step procedure for sending MIDI to and receiving audio from a ReWire slave program is presented in the routing chapter see Timecode options can be set up per MIDI device.

Link can be used, however, when Live is the ReWire master. To adjust the delay, have both Live and the other sequencer play a rhythmical pattern with pronounced percussive sounds.

This site uses cookies. Live will not act as a ReWire master application. Find out more here.