The , meanwhile, hops along on 2. Additional emergency numbers may be included in your SIM card. Icon New e-mail or text messages. Tap the name of the IMAP4 account. When not using the proxy, speeds ranged from to k. It only has a singular, fullsized SD card slot, while other models of the time came with both a fullsized slot and a mini SD slot. Additional Dialing Information 3.

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The camera application runs in landscape mode and uses the full screen for preview. This process ensures that when you tap the screen with your stylus, the tapped item is activated.

Cingular 8125

Chapter 2 Entering and Searching Information 2. Notification Bi-color LED on the left side: You can read more here. That said, it’s easy to find ways to unlock the phone on the web. Captures standard still images. Playback Screen 88125 Playback screen menu When you are viewing the Playback screen, the following commands appear on Menu.

You can certainly get away with using the device in a noisy environment without too much difficulty. Right-click the desired folder under Mobile Device, and click Paste.


Tap the icon to view all. Note By default, Bluetooth is turned off. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Playback screen menu When you are viewing the Playback screen, the following commands appear on Menu.

This screen displays the wireless networks currently available, and allows you to add new ones if available. Communication Other versions of the Wizard ship with Synchronizing Music, Video, And Pictures 4. The Mini SD card slot is located up top as is the power button cinglar the sync port is at the bottom.

Review: Cingular

Tap the name of the IMAP4 account. To send a meeting request Use Calendar to schedule meetings via e-mail with contacts who use Outlook or Outlook Mobile.

There’s usually very little hardware variation for a given HTC model, only the carrier’s software customizations set them apart. Doing this automatically switches the system to landscape mode. While Word Mobile will open documents containing bi-directional text, the indentations and alignment may be displayed and saved incorrectly. However, for moderate calling, it works out fairly well. These are some common tools used to work on this device.

Do the gesture by drawing a line from right to left and back. Press and hold it again to re-enable sounds. The camera can take still photos up to x at 1.


Right-click the desired folder on your PC, and click Paste. To set the time and date for a different location If you visit or communicate with someone in a particular time zone often, you can select it as your visiting time zone.

Cingular 8125 User Manual

It was first sold in Fabulous smartphone dkrekas from Amazon 24 Aug When using the included earbud headset, call clarity was also excellent and volume could get downright deafening that’s what that volume slider is for.

Additional Dialing Information 3. Typically there are 28 megs of free RAM so the device rarely cingulag short on memory.

Two soft keys cingulaar just above the keyboard so you need not tap the screen or use the front face buttons to activate soft key functions.