The feel of this club was exceptionally solid, even on off-center hits. The looks can’t be beat on this club. Equipment Test – Cleveland Launcher XL It’s easy to be mesmerized by new golf clubs boasting fancy-sounding technology. Club weighs grams grams in the head, 26 in the grip , which produces ball speeds 4 to 5 mph faster than some traditional gram drivers. Ping G20 Driver Review.

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Some of it definitely does represent genuine innovation that will help you hit the ball farther and closer to the hole, and ultimately shoot lower scores. Yes, the quest launchr distance now hinges on some extremely well-concealed technology and, to be fair to Titleist, speed certainly isn’t the only factor in determining how far you hit the ball. Spin rates were between RPM.

The club is light weight, long off the tee, and has a nice sound. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I was hitting the Media Reviews Golf Monthly. Here, as well as giving you the manufacturers’ blurb on their own products, we’ll add our own thoughts – Totally Independent Golf Equipment Reviews or T.

The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series consists of 3 weights; g, g, and g and each model engineered for unique performance and feel. Can’t ask for anything better from this club.


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Cleveland Launcher UltraLite XL , SL , TL Drivers, Reviews and Test Results

I was hitting into quite a strong wind and thought the distance was really good, it must go a mile down wind. Medium to high trajectory, penetrating ball flight; XL Draw delivers the goods for those who need help taming a banana ball. I am hitting the ball better without the extra weight. But a lot of it is just the same old stuff hidden behind cool new graphics. Swing them both, one immediately after ckeveland other, and again you can barely perceive any difference.

Clevelabd on my list of clubs to test was the Cleveland XLand after testing it out clevelsnd, I was pretty impressed. I have always had a very steady swing and the Ultralite suits me perfectly and is the best driver I have used for years.

Average to slower swingspeeds Besides not really wanting to go out in such inclemency, a test would have been largely irrelevant as the rain and cold would have combined to take a considerable chunk of yardage off any drives.

Tell us what you think here. I bought this club to replace my Ping G15 because of its Draw bias it helps me reduce my slice and add distance off the tee.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL 270, Ultralite SL 290 and Ultralite TL 310 Drivers

The Dicks sporting goods store I bought tried to help me but had no idea. In terms of distance, the Cleveland XL blew me away. The feel of this club was exceptionally solid, even on off-center hits.

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It’s also incredibly easy to swing and so much fun because of how light it is. The is also available in a Draw version, with heel biased-weighting and a slightly closed face for slice reduction.

Maybe good product but not for me I made a mistake and did not read that it was a Draw club. I hit around 20 balls, average distance around yards including roll although I hit a long ball, this screen may be lying a little. I made a mistake and did not read that it was a Draw club. Or how about the SL which is 20g heavier? The price is right for this driver. Kua 43 graphite shaft.

Very light and easy to swing, which is particularly nice for senior celveland balanced club provides satisfying feedback to hands. Equipment Test – TaylorMade Burner 2. Repeatable, straight, high flight; one Launcher DST owner finds similar performance.