If you drop a tablet in a forest of smartphones, will anyone hear it fall? Anyone who needs to create a lot of emails, edit documents or produce a lot of SMS messages may find it more useful than any of Windows Mobile’s touch-screen-based entry methods. As with most PDAs, it won’t thrill you, but it gets the job done. The right side houses the power button and a camera control button. The M-Desk application launcher The M ships with Skype VoIP support a utility that automatically pipes incoming Skype audio to the earpiece , but not the application itself. The Glofiish is well made and put together, but it’s clearly a very plasticy device.

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The app has a globe view that shows the satellites’ approximate locations relative to your position on earth. The screen is the customary Windows Mobile x65,colour job, and the Glofiish also carries a two megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash. The Fn key is sticky so you need not hold it down at the same time you’re pressing the desired number or symbol, and a double press of the Fn key turns on Fn lock another double-press turns it m7000.

It comes with a GPS glociish application but no mapping or guidance software, so you’ll need to provide your own copy of CoPilot, TomTom or whatever Windows Mobile software you prefer.

Now boffins dream of shining gigantic laser pointer into space to get aliens’ attention. The camera lens, flash and self portrait mirror are on the PDA’s back, with the speakerphone grill just to their right. Plasticy looks, occasional spelling errors in E-TEN software on the device, included basic GPS applet gets location wrong by more than 10 miles at least in the US though the GPS itself is accurate when used with popular j700 and navigation applications.


Gloriish M has a battery meter on the top menu bar and an indicator on the Today Screen– good going E-TEN, why doesn’t Microsoft make this a standard feature?

It’s a nice addition over the basic Windows Mobile 5 networking control panel which provides very little connection information. E-TEN does not get a huge amount of publicity in the UK, partly because its devices are only available SIM-free and therefore without network operator subsidy.

You’ll notice similarity in our reviews of these two devices since they are in many ways identical. Take m7700 of our comments on the sample images below which were taken at the highest resolution and image quality settings with auto exposure and white balance. Indoor lighting, Sammy’s white belly and chest have blown out even though lighting wasn’t bright or harsh.

However, it is possible catalog to have inaccuracies.

E-TEN Glofiish M700

Your first guess is that the GPS itself is not working well, but that’s not the case. Micron mounts head-on attack against 10K disks Number-three disk drive maker Toshiba isn’t shy about shipping Software As always, E-TEN includes an impressive selection of their own value-added software with the phone.

The M takes video in 3GP format at xx and x 96 resolutions at an average of 4. As with most PDAs, it won’t thrill you, but it gets the job done.

Eten glofiish M – Full phone specifications

The bundled backup app. The AI renaissance is simply expensive hardware and PR thrown at an old idea. The same is true of the X Sound through the stereo 2.


OnePlus 6T first take review: Videos tend to be blocky and audio is just passable. An x appears next to a radio that’s turned off, and you can tap the ubiquitous E-TEN hammer to turn all radios on or off. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Design, Ergonomics and Keyboard But lets start with the important difference: All are accessed via a function key at the bottom left of the keyboard. Sponsored links Get The Register’s Headlines in your inbox daily – quick signup!

Supports portrait and landscape display modes. The central button has a surround that glows turquoise when any front glociish side button is pressed; the same glow is applied to the keyboard when glofiizh in use. Dawn of The Planet of the Phablets in will see off smartphones Anything smaller than 5. In a survey co-sponsored by F5 and Red Hat, more than IT DevOps and NetOps professionals provided insights about the current and future states of network automation.

Tell us about it and we will fix it as soon as possible. There’s a MicroSD card slot for memory expansion. The touch screen works in both portrait and landscape modes screen rotation is a standard feature of Windows Mobile SE and newerand the smartphone comes with a telescoping glofiosh.