ON the Neutral 4 setting, the yellow arrow will be pointing strait down at the club head or strait with the club face. What are Your Golf Goals? We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. The face of the club has clear and subtle alignment aids that stand out while looking down on the club. Posted April 8, The alignment for the shaft-head is like you are holding it in your hand and standing at address. After unboxing the club, the first noticeable differentiator is the weight.

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After the experience on the range and a few minor adjustments, I felt like I had a decent feel for what I needed to do to get the driver flying well.

The black face of the club provides a nice feedback mechanism with the ability to clearly see where the ball is coming off of the face of the club. In other words, if you set the club for a draw, don’t try to hit a draw, just hit it normally and let the club do the work.

Posted April 8, Warnings According to sstr8-fit Rules of Golf, any club with movable parts, such as the Nike STR8-Fit driver, can only be used in tournaments if all alterations have been made prior to each round and no changes are made during the rounds.

Justin Rose to Honma??

Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black Driver

Although I never noticed a right-to-left flight path with the adjustments, I was able to correct a few rounds when I started off slicing my drives and felt that the adjustability contributed significantly in regaining my ability to sttr8-fit the ball. I recommend that you spend a bit of time at the range adjusting the club and understanding the settings the included reference cards help — but it can be confusing at first.


On the setting sheet I linked you.

By iacasOctober 3 in Tour Talk. I’m guessing, too, that his switch is because this machspede golf company wants a big name to tout their clubs and are paying him a small fortune to do so. The club weighs in at less than grams and it results in a totally different feel from most standard drivers.

Nike STR8-FIT adjustment question

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the face of the club because the top of club head lacks any dots or alignment marks. Ethan pope 18 years old. It just shows how to align the mark on the shaft fitting with the hosel, and how to change out the batteries in the wrench and stuff like that. By iacasNovember 2 in Golf Talk. I really enjoy the look and feel of the club and the ability of the club to be forgiving when I need it most.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The English section is only like 2 or 4 pages long, most of it is just various languages. Sign In Sign Up. I spent a hlw range sessions playing with various settings and had mixed results. From there you rotate the yellow arrow in relation to the club head.

Some basic information is likely on the Nike website, or if you contact customer service. The alignment for the shaft-head is like you are holding it adjut your hand and standing at address.


An open face will promote a kachspeed and counteract a hook, while a closed face will help a golfer draw draw the ball and counteract a slice. Write a Review Rate This Product: The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Between that and the setting sheet I linked, is all that came with mine. I can probably post the scan here tomorrow if you want to see what all it is. The channels on the back, side and sole of the head are there to channel the air as the club moves through the swing, but it looks as if the design team focussed entirely on aero-dynamics rather than the looks, which are ‘unconventional’ to say the least.

Hi all, I just bought the Nike Dymo Str8-fit driver from Roger Dunn used yesterday, but I didn’t get the instruction manual on setting the driver. The SQ Machspeed comes with Nike’s STR8-Fit system to adjust the angle of the head to shape the adjuet flight, which seems a bit odd on a square drive that is meant to hit it straighter. How to Set a TaylorMade R9. I’m trying to remember what else is in there. Register a new account.